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Ukraine – Khmelnitsky University of Management and Law on May 23, 2013 will hold All-Ukrainian scientific-practical Conference "Statistical evaluation of socio-economic development." The conference will consider the theoretical and practical applications of two new statistical methods developed by Professor     Omelyan I. Kulynych: the method statistical equations of dependencies and the method complex of statistical coefficients. 

                The conference will provide statistical literature and computer software for described statistical methods developed by Associate Professor     Roman O. Kulynych. To participate in the Scholars and practice not only in Ukraine, but also from other countries.

Khmelnitsky University of Management and Law

Faculty of Management and Economics

Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Information Technologies 

All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference

"Statistical evaluation of the socio-economic development" 

with the publication of collected materials 

May 23, 2013, Khmelnitsky

Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the 12th All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Statistical evaluation of socio-economic development" to be held May 23, 2013 in Khmelnytsky University of Management and Law.

Main themes for the conference:

1. Statistical evaluation of correlation factors and effective indicators of socio-economic development.

2. Statistical forecasting and simulation of socio-economic development in the context of globalization of world economy.

3. Comparative characteristics using the methods of correlation and regression analysis and statistical equations to study the dependency relationship of socio-economic phenomena.

4. Statistical methods of study of regional development programs.

5. Application of complex statistical coefficients to assess the socio-economic development.

6. Index analysis of patterns of socio-economic development.

To participate in the conference you need to April 15, 2013 send:

1. Application for participation.

2. Report and a copy of the payment of the registration fee for the conference (form attached).